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Defy Your Age, Recode Youthfulness.

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Our exquisite anti-aging cream is a powerhouse wrinkle cream designed with three proprietary Yon-ka botanical complexes that combine to fortify the moisture barrier, effectively firm skin, and brighten skin‚ reflectivity for a beautifully youthful radiance.Powered by 20 unique actives to recode youthfulness and revitalize the complexion. In a clinical study of 42 women over four weeks, an instrumental assessment demonstrated a -24% reduction in wrinkle depth and a +33% increase in both skin firmness and elasticity. Clinical measurements also demonstrated a -25% reduction in the intensity of dark spots with a +66% improvement in evenness of the complexion.


• Immortality herb, cistus enriched in polyphenols: Regenerating - restructuring
• Co-enzyme Q10, vitamin E: anti-free radicals
• Avocado and grape seed oils, shea butter, hyaluronic acid: Nutrition - resistance - hydration
• Thistle, vitamin A: Protect skin - repairing Plumps and redefines your skin’s contours, smooths and relaxes wrinkles
• Silicon-amino acid complex to fight against the deterioration of supporting fibers (collagen, elastin): anti-glycation
• Yeast and nutgrass extracts: firmness and «bounce»
• Complex of bamboo silica, pea extract enriched in amino acids and glucosamine: anti-wrinkle, smoothing Improves complexion, makes it brighter and fresher
• Red algae extract: complexion is clear and even textured
• Solomon’s seal, arnica, cypress enriched in flavonoids: brightening effect
• Natural light-reflecting pink pigments: illuminates your skin Invigorating and relaxing effects
• Quintessence Yon-Ka (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme) • Essential oils of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rose, tonka bean and guaiac wood

Skin Type & Concerns

Ideally suited for mature skin that has been affected by hormonal changes.

How To Use

Discover the new application gesture with the airless jar combining optimal product release & maximum safety. After removing the lid, press the white top down to release the cream. The harder you press, the larger the dose. The jar delivers 0.5 ml of cream when pressed down completely. In the morning and evening, after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply the cream to the face and neck. For an enhanced anti-aging effect, use the Cellular Code serum beforehand.



Protects the skin and balances oil production. Meadowsweet, an antioxidant powerhouse, reduces sebum and targets bacteria. Comfrey leaf heals skin tissue and supports cell regeneration while nurturing botatfnicals of lavender, rose, and chamomile targeting various inflammatory skin issues. This cleanser will balance the skin’s natural oils to heal and soothe gently. Free of essential oils. Contraindicated for pregnancy.

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