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We believe in the power of nature and holistic wellness. Dive into a tailored skincare experience that harnesses pure, clean ingredients, and let your skin reveal its true, healthy glow. Begin your transformative journey with us today.

Your skin, your story

Every complexion is unique, just like the stories our faces tell. Here, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Instead, we listen, adapt, and blend treatments based on your skin’s mood each day. Experience personalized care in its truest form.

Facial experiences crafted for you

Our treatments not only rejuvenate your skin but also instill a deep sense of relaxation and balance. Unveil a radiant complexion and a refreshed spirit, all tailored to your individual needs.

Signature Facial

Our signature facial is a deep cleanse that is recommended for any age. Allow your skin to breathe while we remove all impurities leaving your skin fresh & smoothed while having the rejuvenating benefits of our facial massage with our Gua-Sha and precious stones.

Age-Defying Facial

Our esthetician uses advanced products and specialized techniques to enhance skin firmness. The facial includes Gua Sha and cupping, promoting circulation for a radiant complexion.

Endermolift Facial Treatment

Experience rejuvenation with our Endermolift Facial, a technique that stimulates fibroblasts to boost collagen and elasticity, resulting in a youthful complexion.

Our products

Our carefully selected products harness the best of holistic and natural ingredients, ensuring your skin receives gentle, effective, and nourishing care with every application.




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Kind words from our clients

Gabriella Puig
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One of the best facials I’ve had! Capucine was so amazing and hands on. She really took the time to analyze my skin and give me the best advice for my skin. My skin has been so clear and glowy since I got my facial. 10/10 recommend.
Caroline Aimee
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Capucine Skin Studio is a 10/10 experience! Capucine is so welcoming and has created an equally as beautiful and relaxing environment for her clients. I was looking for a holistic skin care specialist and found her at the perfect time! Every time I leave, my skin is always left feeling and looking so moisturized and glowy. Highly recommend!!
Alexis Guillama
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Capucine is the best at what she does. Not only has she changed my skin in the best way but her service and attention to detail is unmatched. She always takes her time and goes out of her way! I wish I had before and after a of my face from when she started doing my facials! Trulyyy so happy with her❤️

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A moment of self-care ✨

Our holistic approach to beauty shines as we use natural gemstone therapy to enhance circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and promote a radiant complexion.

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Transform your skincare routine into a sanctuary of rejuvenation with Phyto 52! 🌿✨ 

Step into the heart of nature with Yon-Ka's potent, plant-based formula designed to revitalize and firm your skin. Experience the magic of a visibly more youthful complexion and embrace the power of natural firming. 

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Hormonal acne morning skincare routine ✨
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• Beauty sleep mask @vo.beautyco 
• SPF 40 @sunbakedspf

All of these products can be purchased at Capucine Skin Studio ✨
With this crazy stressful world we live in, I’d say we all deserve some self-care. 

2024 is the year to decompress! Book that facial, you deserve it 💌💫 

Advanced optimizer facial from @yonkapro is the best way to decompress while letting the magic of our holistic products hydrate, plump & tighten up your skin after only one facial 🍃 Call today to book your facial: (305)-663-4499
Mask lift from @yonkapro is filled with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid leaving your skin plumped, brightened & hydrated after only 15 mins 💫

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A little reminder that your morning routine is important! It’s a way to show up for yourself 💌💫✨
Hii! I’m Capucine Libessart and I am a licensed esthetician specializing in holistic treatments.

 My facial studio is all about self-care with luxurious, tailor-made skin treatments. Whether it's deep hydration, anti-aging solutions, or simply a moment of peace, I'm here to cater to your unique needs. 

Let's journey together towards radiant skin and self-love. ✨

Enjoy 10% OFF your first facial with me! (305)-663-4499  #HolisticSkincare #SelfCareJourney #CustomizedBeauty"
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